Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate

On one side there is Sekou Kouyate, from Conakry in Guinea, a Kora virtuoso of international renown and member of Ba Cissoko’s band. On the other, Joe Driscoll, an irrepressible singer from New York with a rich experience in hip hop, folk and reggae music. Together they release Faya, an album as eclectic as full of energy, which proves that music has no boundary.

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Two identities. This surprising duo was born from the meeting of Joe Driscoll and Sekou Kouyate in South of France on the occasion of a collaboration for the « Nuit Métis » festival. The bass, the guitar and the drums give to the project a strong and pure rhythmical basis, on which the two musicians develop a soulful and groovy musical universe. The electro-acoustic melodies of the Kora perfectly match with Joe Driscoll’s rich and incomparable rhyming and the beautiful voice of Sekou Kouyate.

 A transcultural adventure. English and Soussou melt together on powerful rock, Afrobeat, reggae-funk and African grooves, supported by a lyrical and sharpened Kora. Faya consists of beautiful catchy chorus, a fantastic positive and unconventional energy, a high spirit of freedom and open-mindedness, and a constant dialogue between voices and strings. It reminds of how Sekou and Joe master the art of improvisation and cultural mixing.

Their live shows are true moments of grace, where two generous artists bring together urban African and western cultures in a unique and out of time mix.




« An unlikely collaboration that works magnificently. » The Guardian ****

« Driscoll’s rapid-fire rhyming is echoed by Kouyate’s lightning fast Kora licks. » Songlines

« Faya is effective due to the very spontaneous musical approach of these two musicians. The Driscoll’s dynamic folk-rock, ragga and hip-hop is mixed with the fantastic melodies of the electric Kora of Kouyate.» Les

« A beautiful adventure, beyond the simple invitation to travel (…) the two artists share the language of music and build a music where Kora, guitar, heavy groove of the calabash, and English and Soussou voices melt with African polyrhythms, blues, afro-beat, hip-hop, rock, and even reggae. »

« (…) an amazing fusion between afrobeat, hip-hop, folk and reggae that defies categorisation. » Tsugi

« Joe et Sekou brought the Divan du Monde to boiling point, with the live performance of their first album “Faya”. An amazing and smart music that sounds even better on the stage. » Toute la Culture

« An album as electric as eclectic, between afro-rock and afro-funk, afro-reggae and afro-rap. (…) The temperature rises quickly! » RFI Musique

« An astonishing duo mixing rock, blues, afrobeat and African polyrhythmic beats: a unique sound! » FIP Radio


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