Kristel, it’s a crazy elegance coupled with the rage of a possessed singer.

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When you come from Madagascar, one of the poorest and corrupt countries in the world, the abolition of inequalities inevitably strikes a distinctive chord… No wonder the echoes of the Western fights ultimately wash ashore through positive feedback. Down there, jammed in Africa’s backwater, feminism isn’t just about exchanging ideas: it’s about survival. A necessity.

Kristel was born in the country’s central highlands, homeland of the queens in the 19th century. And yet! Matriarchy is lagging behind… in the land of rosewood. A young girl: musician? The answer is NO. Her guitar-playing brother and dad already hold the position. If feminism calls for fairness, Kristel will earn her freedom fair and square through music.

She pulls off high school diploma by 15, collects one-night stands and music collabs. And states the obvious, while performing live: the crowd has eyes only for her, putting the frontmen on the back burner. Proof that sometimes charisma comes from nature more than nurture…

Joining forces with brother Benkheli and hubby Sylvano, Kristel makes her own way. Turns the tables with a spontaneous and high-voltage pop. The kind of pop branded with hot iron, one that doesn’t go into hiding. Pure heresy in the vicinity. A supercharged Malagasy pop? Ironic when access to electric power doesn’t outreach 23% of the Big Island.

Kristel dreams of England, without for a moment turning her back on her roots. And just like her music, even the male spelling of her name cultivates the ambiguity: tradition vs modernity, desire for new horizons vs longing for home.

It took the encounter with Gilles Lejamble (The Dizzy Brains’ producer) and his Libertalia-Music Festival, and Marc-Antoine Moreau’s sponsorship ( Jupiter, Songhoy Blues…) to help launch the rocket songstress. Mentored by Nicolas Auriault (Mano Solo, Zebda…), Kristel along with Benkheli and Sylvano are ready to travel the world with their very first EP, directed by Jean Lamoot (Grèn Sémé, Bashung, Noir Désir and Dominique A) and mastered by Chris Athens (Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Nas & Damien Marley, Coldplay, Erykah Badu…). Release by early October.

Poverty, bigotry, hangovers, one-night stands, political suppression, you name it. Whatever the tune, the musical sound of Malagasy tongue slides over and over, telling a harsh yet universal tale of fatality… For in Mada, it’s not only the sun that bites your skin: reality puts you on your knees! Hence through Kristel, it’s not only a feminism that puts itself on display. Also and above all, the future of a female generation is playing out, just as much as the future of a nation


“A pleasurable disturbance of the senses accentuated by a sound effervescence, where clear lines of guitars very post-punk mix with funk basses on reggae beats.” – Libération 

“Kristel and her sweet rock carried by a voice on the thread and sometimes feminist themes.” – TSUGI


Management: Libertalia: Pierre A Blanc –

Presse: Mélissa Phulpin –

Booking France – Magreb/Moyen Orient: Ginger Sounds: 

Mounir Kabbaj –

Fleur Tiollier-Ivanez –