Kristel, it’s a crazy elegance coupled with the rage of a possessed singer.

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Who is she? What is it? A woman – A Bassist – A Frontwoman

Above all? From Gossip to Prince via Skunk Anansie with a hint of tropical touch. She is the next generation of the indie scene of Tana at only 23 years old!

How? At the age of 8, she encountered the genius bassist, Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report) , and it became crystal clear that she will be the bassist, join forces with her brother Benkheli (guitar) and husband Sylvano (drums).

Result? The kind of rock that will strike you with a hot iron to proudly brandish their roots, which is somewhat ironic for an island that has electricity covering 23%.
It was after a performance in 2017 Libertalia Festival that launched the career of the rocket songstress by music label itself.
Her first 5 tracks was released shortly after, titled TNM, which means hangover.Then her performance at MaMa festival Paris and Bars en Trans Rennes established her position as the next newcomer.
Kristel is not only feminism that puts itself on display but, above all, the female generation in a state of emergency that is mapping out their future. The future for themselves and for the nation.


“A pleasurable disturbance of the senses accentuated by a sound effervescence, where clear lines of guitars very post-punk mix with funk basses on reggae beats.” – Libération 

“Kristel and her sweet rock carried by a voice on the thread and sometimes feminist themes.” – TSUGI


Management: Libertalia: Pierre A Blanc –

Presse: Mélissa Phulpin –

Booking France – Magreb/Moyen Orient: Ginger Sounds: 

Mounir Kabbaj –