Maya Kamaty

From creole to misouk [in secret], to creole on the stages of the whole world!

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Five years after the public’s love for Santié Papang, Maya Kamaty is reinventing herself in new sound boxes. She offers us the long awaited Pandiyé, a jewel of song with electro-pop colors with warm writing, always very organic. Her singularity remains, however, well present, embodied by her rare energy, her decaying maloya, or even the resonance of the Creole language.

This second album, directed by Victor-Attila Vagh (Flavia Coelho, Cheikh Lo…), highlights Maya Kamaty and all her clique. Accompanied by his first-timers but also new faces, this dynamic allows Pandiyé to strive towards a affirmed modernity: powerful bass (borrowing from the electro-folk of the Icelandic Asgeir, the hip-hop of Kendrick Lamar, the pop of Björk or the dubstep), come to support the traditional kayamb and roll maloya, at the same time that they give to hear other instruments of the Reunion culture: the takamba and the Malbars drums. From this meeting was born Pandiyé, an album oscillating between tradition and modernity.

«Woman, artist, Creole, daughter of…, conscientized and obstinate» as the artist defines herself, diversifies her artistic colors. She delivers a poetic, magnetic, suspended or Pandiyé project in Creole. Let it be said: Maya Kamaty is determined to carry away the richness of the sounds of her island and to make sing, in her own way, the current verb and the creole soul.




“(…) the réunionnese singer makes us levitate with her reinvented maloya, both, electronic and organic.” TSUGi

Premiered on Pan African Music

“From this small, lost island in the indian ocean, Maya propels her vibrant and sensual sound waves, comparable to creole oscillations destined for all ears” DJOLO


Management : Mounir Kabbaj – +33 (0) 6 30 87 24 72

Booking: Naël Darwish – +33 (0) 6 31 41 70 20