Patrick Ruffino

Patrick Ruffino invented an unprecedented and evocative music, full of revolutionary influences, full of influences from Africa and the West with a strong, relevant identity.

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Born in the 70’s in Benin, Patrick Ruffino is a bass player and singer. He grew up in the most funky capital of Africa, Cotonou, which is also the cradle of rhythms and vodoun worship. He learned to play a multitude of instruments, to sing and also to dance, but his thirst for discoveries and his immoderate taste for travel sent him to France in the late 80s. Very attached to his roots, he constantly nourishes us with his many returns to the country to deliver us an album with an incomparable groove.


Benin, a Burkinabe mother but also a Ghanaian grandmother, is a Beninese mina nagô (a dual ethnic group widely practiced in Nigeria). She is bathing early in an atmosphere conducive to the crossroads of all African music. But his great curiosity and his thirst for learning will also allow him to discover jazz, funk, soul and Afro-Cuban music. From 10 years he begins to sing then grips the bass of the bassist of the chorale not to let go. But he is also attracted by the double bass, guitar, piano or percussion. He plays everything, he listens to everything, he accompanies the greatest artists with whom he will sharpen a very personal style and a unique musical approach. A certain idea of ​​diversity and sharing.

In 1997, he founds the group “Fâ” whose album “Défi” will obtain several awards in Benin. Since 2002, Patrick Ruffino has dedicated himself to his solo career and will release the album “E Wa Ka Jo”, named in 2008 to the RFI Musiques du Monde Discovery Award. He is a tireless worker and has been involved in various projects as producer, composer, director, arranger and recently artistic director of the Amazones d’Afrique project.


After more than 20 years of career between Africa, Europe and the USA and a very first debut album, he returns with Agoo, which could be translated as “let me pass”. A vintage funk-rock sound, reminiscent of the performances of high-life masters and early afro-beats, perfectly bearing his powerful and touching voice. You can hear the strength of the sacred percussions rubbing the luminous funk gimmicks and the sharp riffs of the seventies rock. The traditional rhythms of Benin are not to be outdone, they find a youth in pieces both accessible and complex.



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