Questioning our era through a perception which is at the same time really futuristic and deeply rooted in the current realities of our ever-changing world, is the ethic and intellectual musical objective of the Parisian band Stamp.

Five musicians coming from really different horizons, five distinct personalities with singular universes, unite their virtuosity and their sensibility to defend a rich music, complex to define and yet so distinctive, into this atypical formation.

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In-between Ezekiel’s and Massive Attack’s trip-hop, Nine Inch Nails’s industrial rock, Guillaume Perret’s post-jazz and Mohammed Matar near-Eastern influences, as well as Faith No More’s experimental heavy metal, Stamp rejects all labels and definitions with a certain eclecticism, a vision that goes further than a mere musical frame and established genres.

With an unprecedented line-up in which saz (Turkish lute) coexists alongside saxophone, machines, guitar, keyboard, bass and drums, they push limits, break the usual codes, and create an hybrid music which is at the same time deep and open, mixed but logical, deeply French, that reflects the musical eclecticism which is proper to Paris and the Parisian suburbs.

After a few years during which the band went through several studios and stage experiences, they refined their line-up, they now offer a unique, conceptual album bearing the sweet name of “Posthuman”.

In the center of the band’s creative process, we can find the main theme of this album and of their live : « Transhumanism »,  this intellectual and scientific international movement which advocates using  science and techniques to improve the mental and physical human characteristics.

They question the latter’s benefits and limits through, for instance, cinematic historic references that take the shape of vocal samples subtly incorporated into the music.

Here, we can find extracts from « Bienvenue à Gattaca » (A. Niccol), « Ghost in the Shell » (M.Oshii), « Jacob’s ladder » (A.Lyne), « The holy mountain » (Jodorowsky), as well as some from « Videodrome » and « The fly » (Cronenberg).

In this connection between quotes and music, Stamp also mentions a few characters of the popular counterculture, like the scandalous Aleister Crowley or the enigmatic Alan Watts

On stage, they are five incridibly talented musicians, supported by a VJ, still in this spirit that links music and visual worlds, with splendid screenings which accompany a music that is so expressive and powerful. To be discovered asap !




« Stamp is one of those craziest projects, of these brilliant success which shows that we can link requirements and accessibility while proposing original or else, unique. » – 


Management : Mounir Kabbaj : – +33 (0) 630872472

Booking : Julie-Anne Chango : – +33 (0) 603616104

Fleur Tiollier-Ivanez : – +33 (0)6 75 45 80 47