The musical, aesthetic and intellectual goal of the Parisian group “Stamp” is to question our epoch through a vision that is futuristic, yet deeply rooted in the realities of our world… Which is changing faster than most people care to realize. These five musicians from very different backgrounds unite to create an atypical formation of minds; each of whom are laser focused on creating the rich and complex sounds that define Stamp and their vision.

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Somewhere between Massive Attack or Ezekiel’s trip-hop, industrial rock by Nine Inch Nails, Guillaume Perret’s post-jazz, the Middle Eastern influence of Mohammed Matar or the experimental metal of Faith No More, Stamp rejects all labels and definitions using an eclecticism and vision that go beyond established genres. With a line-up that combines saz (Turkish lute), saxophone, electronics, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums, they push the boundaries and break the usual codes to invent a musical hybrid that is profound yet accessible… and in the process deepening the musical eclecticism that characterizes Paris.

After a few years together, the group has built up lots of concert and studio experience, refining it’s line-up over the course of this period.  Currently, Stamp is proud to introduce a unique concept album that bears the name “Posthuman”. At the heart of the group’s current creative process is an idea that their album title indicates: Transhumanism. This international intellectual and scientific movement advocates the use of science and technology to improve the physical and mental characteristics of human beings. They question the benefits and the limits through many different references including historical and cinematographic works in the form of subtly integrated vocal samples.

Within their music, we find excerpts from “Welcome to Gattaca” (A.Niccol), “Ghost in the Shell” (Mr. Oshii), “Jacob’s Ladder “(A. Lyne),” The Holy Mountain “(Jodorowsky), or “Videodrome” and “The Fly” (Cronenberg). In this link between quotes and music, Stamp also invokes the voices of strong personalities from popular counterculture, like the sulphuric Aleister Crowley and the enigmatic Alan Watts.



« Stamp is one of those craziest projects, of these brilliant success which shows that we can link requirements and accessibility while proposing original or else, unique. » – 

“Posthuman” represent the alpha and omega of music : intelligence and emotion . A musical masterpiece.” Musicwaves


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