Cultural Actions

Ginger Sounds’ founders deeply believe that the future of world music needs to be prepared through awareness and education initiatives for the lay public. They need to be developed through cultural and musical exchanges, in order to discover the richness of these musical aesthetics.

Therefore, we organize different types of socio-cultural and artistic events for the general public, linked to traditional and contemporary dances and music from Europe, Middle East and Africa:

  • Dancing: Tarentella and pizzica (Italy) / Sufi Dance (Iran-Afghanistan) / Kathak Dance (North India) / Mystical and popular dance (North Africa), …
  • Singing: Chaâbi (Algeria) / Popular and classic songs of Anatolia (Turkey-Azerbaijan) / Classic Arabic songs (Egypt-Lebanon-Tunisia) / Mandinka songs (Burkina Faso-Mali), …
  • Instruments: Kora / Kamele n’goni / Tambin / African & Middle East percussions / Saz / Qanun / oud / Italian tambourine / Arabic trumpet / Oriental violin / Mandole / Duduk / Balafon / Cigar-box guitar, …
  • Lutherie: Piano / Tambin / Cigar-box guitar / Oriental instruments…
  • Vulgarisation of world music and cultures: Discovery workshops / Interactive conferences / Thematic meetings…

Those different events target regional or local authorities and associations, and cultural or artistic institutes.

Cultural communication

The members of Ginger Sounds have been working for years in the promotion and communication of events, festivals and album releases in Paris. Therefore we provide communication services and consultancy for festivals, booking agents, labels, artists and cultural events, focused on both the target audience and the specialized medias, and raising the awareness of the general public and the traditional medias.

We build communication campaigns answering our clients’ needs, but also offering new methods, new territories and new audiences, and combining:

  • Web promotion
  • Street Marketing
  • Communities & partnerships
  • Press promotion
  • Photo shooting / Graphic design / Video / Webmastering

We also provide marketing and communication consultancy for developing artists.

Artistic consultancy

Thanks to our various experiences in the world music industry, we provide artistic consultancy that can take many forms:

  • World music programming for cultural organisations, festivals, national stages, municipal theatres…
  • Visual identity/musical production consultancyfor world music artists
  • Creation of taylor-made cultural events for companies, public or private foundations and associations, …
  • World music Mix & DJing: « Le Mood du Mahmood »