Maya Kamaty

From creole to misouk [in secret], to creole on the stages of the whole world!

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Maya Pounia was born in Reunion Island and grew up between the agreements of her father, leader of the Ziskakan group and the tales of her mother. She has her scales in the midst of musicians and poets, lulled by the beautiful Creole language and the rhythms of Maloya, traditional music of Reunion.

The richness of her culture is revealed to her in all its immensity only when she arrives in Montpellier for her studies. It is then that the young student integrates as chorist the group Grèn Sémé who will perform in 2008 at the festival Sakifo.

Back on her island, Maya knows she wants to claim her roots through her music. On May 8, 2012, Maya Kamaty performs for the first time: traditional instruments (kayanb, roulèr) fertilize the field of acoustics, the texts oscillate between imagination and reflection, carried by a visual and magical language and the voice carries with it breeze and embers the blues mixed maloya

It is then revelation! The following year, Maya Kamaty was awarded the Alain Peters Prize and the Indian Ocean Music Prize. The group realizes more than 250 dates in two years, from India to Australia via Morocco and Canada but also metropolitan France and Reunion.

In 2015, the artist was chosen as the Favorite of the Academy Charles Cros and won the prize of the Best Feminine Voice of the Indian Ocean.

Today, Maya Kamaty takes the liberty of borrowing new paths with a new album tinted with electro sounds in preparation.




“A new voice of the Reunionese song (…) revealed in solo, between vaporous folk and Creol slam, and the maloya as a (very) distant red thread.” Télérama

“Maya’s voice is a delight, even when it expresses bitterness or pain. The messages are in the pulse.” Les Inrocks 


Management : Mounir Kabbaj – +33 (0) 6 30 87 24 72

Booking: Naël Darwish – +33 (0) 6 31 41 70 20