Maya Kamaty

From creole to misouk [in secret], to creole on the stages of the whole world!

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With the collaboration of the producer Victor-Attila Vagh (Flavia Coelho), Maya and her band have found the right balance between the organic and the electronic sides. Their reinvented maloya doesn’t only belong to Reunion Island but it also belongs to the world. However, the emotion lives in the beat, the messages in the images, lifeblood of creole language.

With the second album, the time of confirmation and even of self-assertion has come. With Pandiyé this “aware and obstinate woman, artist, Creole, daughter of…” according to her own words, has found the right sound most likely to enhance her powerful voice. From a soothing to a smouldering voice, she is able of all variations. And she never hides the pleasure to show it on stage.

Let it be known, Maya Kamaty is well decided to carry the rich sounds of her island further and to make today’s creole language and soul sing her own way.




“(…) the réunionnese singer makes us levitate with her reinvented maloya, both, electronic and organic.” TSUGi

Premiered on Pan African Music

“From this small, lost island in the indian ocean, Maya propels her vibrant and sensual sound waves, comparable to creole oscillations destined for all ears” DJOLO


Management : Mounir Kabbaj – +33 (0) 6 30 87 24 72

Booking: Naël Darwish – +33 (0) 6 31 41 70 20